Dementia Care in London

Total Caring provides excellent Dementia Care in London.

Our specialist dementia carers will provide person-centric support and assistance to the elderly in need.

Change of environment or going out of regular routines can be daunting to some people affected with dementia. Hence, home care is preferred over residential care to make the elderly at ease with the overall process in their comfort. No two seniors with dementia can be expected to cope with their illness the same way but our care givers are here to offer them all the assistance they need to get through each day on a better note.

The needs vary from individual to individual, and our dementia care plan will revolve around a person-centered approach.

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Care services in London through verified & licensed professionals.

Live-in care

Round-the-clock care and support may be required for the serious onset of dementia. We match our clients with home care specialists.

Visiting care

For dementia at manageable levels, we provide a cost-effective visiting service, where the specialist carers will take care of the elderly during the arranged hours.

Respite care

Most family carers experience worsening of health mentally and physically. We are here to help you to take a break and focus on your well being.

Offering expert support on-hand for the elderly with dementia to live safely in the comfort of their home.

With our protocols, we ensure that the elderly get the timely attention and care they most likely need.

At Total Caring, you are the heart of everything we do. Our dementia care services are centered around emotional well being and and safety of the individuals. All our caretakers are licensed and certified to handle sensitive complications. We offer live-in services where there will be a personal carer who is always around the elderly to assist them with their everyday functional activities.
Dementia care in London.

Dementia care in London

Supporting families completely with our Dementia care services.

Helping your loved ones all the support they need right when they need it at their own homes.

At Total Caring, the clients’ well-being and comfort come first. And hence, we help with all the following assistance:

  • Person-centred care plans tailored to meet the needs of our clients.
  • A dedicated care manager who monitors and supervises the client’s well-being
  • Perfectly matched specialists who are experts at dementia care in London
  • Live-in or visiting carers, based on your choice and requirements
  • Round the clock care services and 24/7 on-call support with expert medical professionals

How do our dementia care services work?

Starting from preliminary assessment to complete personal care, we are here to offer everything to satisfy your requirements.

Soon after you get in touch with us, we’ll send our professionals to your doorstep and gather your medical history, assess all your prior reports, and recommend measures against risks. We will also consult your medical professionals and understand the best care that would suit your needs. We then assign you with dementia care services and associated professionals who carry up-to-date licenses and are background verified. We will draw up a personalised plan to suit your exact condition and do constant progress checks in between to drive and maintain high standards of care. We are here to help you take things one day at a time.


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How can our Dementia care team help?

Here are just a few of the typical activities our carers can support with:
  • Walking and caring for pets
  • Accompany to collect pension or visiting the bank
  • Shopping for food, clothes, or other items
  • Accompnay/Transport to socials and outings
  • Companionship
  • Constant reassurement and support to help you remain stable
  • Personal care
  • Preparation of well-balanced meals
  • Help with doctor appointments
  • Help with Medication

Dementia is not a fair reason to isolate your loved one. Support them with proper Dementia care today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we receive about our dementia care services include the following. Find all the answers you're looking for before hiring us.

What are the care needs of dementia patients?

Elderly people with dementia require assistance with respect to ADL  (Activities of Daily Living) including personal grooming, cooking, cleaning and personal care. They also need someone to constantly reassure them about their well-being to retain their stability.

Is it necessary to hire a care taker to take care of my loved one with dementia?

Taking care of someone with any kind of mental ailment is going to take a serious toll on your personal well-being. It requires a lot of patience and experience which is why it’s a better idea to hire professional dementia care.

What are some of the challenged you might encounter while dealing with people who have dementia?

Severe incurrence of depression, stress and burn-outs are all common in people dealing with dementia. According to the Healthline 2018 survey, 72% of carers who look after their own family members say their own health has worsened since becoming a caregiver and 59% experience depression or anxiety.

Not only our caretakers are experienced and trained in tackling these challenges, but being professionals they can be away to recharge themselves. The dementia sufferer can have a new friend in the care provider and it helps with their mental and physical health. It works for the benefit of everyone.

Do you offer live-in services?

Yes, we have authorised care workers who offer the best dementia care in Croydon as per your requirements.

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