Frequently Asked Questions

Our focus is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide an exceptional level of caring service.

General Questions

What kind of care services do you offer?

At Total Caring, we remain the best caregiving agency in London and offer a diverse range of services including elderly care, home help, palliative/end-of-life care, reablement support, and even mental health care/companionship care.

What do you cover along with elderly care services?

Elderly care usually revolves around complete day-to-day assistance along with house help, transportation assistance, and reablement support as necessary. We also offer live-in and sit-in services as per your requirement.

How long do you offer care services?

We offer long-term commitments and our time period of services lengthen according to your requirements. Our companionship support also offers support till end-of-life as necessary.

Do you offer economic packages?

Total Caring works alongside organizations like UKHCA to offer discounted or part-refunded services as necessary.

Do you offer mental health care services at home?

Yes, we completely offer all the assistance you need even for cases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, or schizophrenia disorders.

Scheduling Questions

How soon can you start on the services?

For short-term immediate emergency support like sit-in services, palliative care, or reablement support, we can even start the same day or the next working day as you require and as per the availability of our carers.

How to book an appoinment?

You can contact us through the website’s contact section or even write to us with your queries or requirements.

Should I pay upfront to schedule a carer visit?

The payment options are widely varying and it depends on your particular requirements. Contact us for free consulting and to resolve all your payment queries.

Can you start immediately for a short sit-in visit or pet sit-in?

Yes, we are quick in our turnaround times and can offer you same-day home care services if your requirements fall under our emergency scheduling category.

Should I remind you before scheduled visits each time?

Not at all. All our professionals are swift in keeping up with timelines and we’ll take complete care of your requirements all by ourselves without requiring any interventions or supervision.

Care Questions

What does companionship care mean?

Helping your elderly lift up their social spirits by having a companionship carer alongside who can help them refresh by indulging in their hobbies or taking mini-picnics outside with proper help and assistance is what this service by Total Caring is all about.

How is palliative care different from end of life care?

While both of these revolve around assisting the elderly who are bed-ridden, the former deals with helping them with all the personal care assistance and reablement assistance. End-of-life care focuses on helping the elderly remain in dignity throughout their journey.

What is covered under home help services?

Every household assistance starting from cooking, cleaning and laundry to pet care and thorough maintenance is on us.

Do you offer dog-walking care and elderly mobility assistance?

Yes, we’ll take care of any household assistance or sit-in services as you require along with pet care assistance and elderly support.

Who will offer these services by Total Caring?

We have Licensed Practical Nurses, General Nurses, and Certified Care Givers who offer professional assistance as per your requirement.

Contract Questions

Can I terminate long-term commitments?

Yes, our services are tailored for your complete ease of the process and we offer thorough transparency in our approach since the segment is sensitive in nature. You’re the decision-maker here!

What if I'm not satisfied with my carer?

Your comfort is what our core focus is. Do not worry, we’ll handhold you throughout this journey together. If you’ve any issues, we’ll intervene and take action as necessary and even replace our professionals as per your preferences.

Are the professionals safe?

All our caregivers carry up-to-date authorized licenses in offering these services. We also background-check and police-verified them before assigning you with a professional.

How long has Total Caring offered these services?

At Total Caring, we have been operating in the caregiving sector since 2005 and we have been associating with a lot of NGOs and government welfare bodies for decades now to offer you seamless caregiving services in London.

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