Short Term Care in London

Short-term care in London as you require.

We have a bank of expert carers, whom we can match up with your short term care needs.

We provide all kinds of short-term care in London including:

  • Respite care – As a substitute for your regular carers who are on a break or even help you take a day off or a week off from your routines
  • Sit-in service – We will help take care of your seniors, and pets or even offer domestic assistance when you are away.
  • Emergency respite care – If the main carer could not provide care in an emergency (for example, a sudden illness), we will try to cover it at short notice.
  • Convalescent care – We provide short-term support when you are recovering from illness, operation, or injury.
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Short term care in London

Our services & specialties. Find the short term care that bet fit your requirements

You can easily find a specialist that suits your needs.

Day Care

Taking care of your house and domestic assistance when you're away is on us.

Night Care

Helping you with reassuring short-term home care assistance for your elderly is on us.

Domestic Help

Be it anything from your cooking, cleaning or laundry to gardening, our short-term carers are here for it all.

Be it the time-frequency, the number of days or the scope of work, you decide them all.

Total Caring is known in all of London for the empathetic care that we offer.

No two elderly can be taken care of in the same way. We thus curate short-term care in London after understanding your requirements thoroughly and matching you with carers who can be your best fit. We have licensed practical nurses, general nurses, caretakers, home help aides and domestic workers on board who can help you with your end-to-end requirements. Ensuring your complete ease of experience and comfort with us throughout our time with you is our topmost priority.

Who benefits from short term care services?

Anyone who wants a hand with anything from house help to elderly care can find us useful!

We understand how hard it gets for working professionals to juggle household chores, pet care, and elderly care while also finding time to spend on leisure and with loved ones. With our added assistance in the picture, we’ll help you with thorough short-term assistance till you can find a hold to take over all the routines. Total Caring also will help you with short-term reablement care following a brief period of hospitalisation until you get complete better to stand back up on your feet.

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How can our short term care team help?

Here are just a few of the typical support that we offer our clientele:
  • Managing and administering medications
  • Going to collect pension or visiting the bank
  • Shopping for food, clothes, or other items
  • Domestic help
  • Companionship
  • Personal care with discretion and dignity
  • Visiting local community
  • Company and transport for doctor, dental appointments
  • Encouraging and helping with an exercise where appropriate
  • Plan, prepare and serve meals
  • Feeding, caring and walking pets

Short-term care in London to back you up till you find a grasp to get back on your feet!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Loneliness can have serious effect on their physical and mental health. Through various

What do you offer as a part of short-term care?

The package that we offer is curated according to the requirements of our clientele and our scope of work is personalised to suit their expectations.

How do you offer short-term reablement support?

Following a brief period of hospitalisation, you might be advised to take complete bedrest for a given time period. We’ll help you with therapeutic and household assistance along with necessary personal care till you feel alright.

What other services do you offer?

Starting from elderly care, domestic help or live-in assistance to illness-specific care or even end-of-life or palliative support, we are here to offer you the services you most likely need.

Are the care takers certified?

All our care practitioners are background-verified and carry up-to-date licenses to ensure you with an added mark of safety.

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Are you looking for short term care in London?

If you have any questions, simply complete the form below and we will
respond back to you personally.

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