Elderly Care In London

Impeccable elderly care in London

Our compassionate caregivers are here to support the elderly with so that they can live independently in their own home in comfort.

With our elderly care and support, you can live peacefully in your most familiar setting. Our  caregivers are here to help you with  personal and other day-to-day tasks that will make your life easier. Enjoy a quality lifestyle with support form our carers.

We’ll first understand what you’re looking for, match you with the right caretakers, and hand-hold you and your loved ones seamlessly throughout this journey together. Treating you with complete care, compassion, dignity, and respect is what our elderly carers are trained to offer. We understand the responsibility you entrust us with and will justify what you hire us for home care in London.

Feel free to ask us about any queries you might have and we’ll help resolve them all for you with complete patience and understanding.

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Best elderly care in London

Compassionate care services where we treat your senior like our own family.

We understand how important it is for you to give your seniors hassle-free days ahead. And Total Caring is here to help you meet all these expectations.

Personal Care

Our licensed caretakers are here to help you with all your daily routines including bathing, personal clean-ups, medications & meals.


Lifting your social spirits by keeping you company throughout is what we strive to achieve with our companionship services.

Domestic tasks

Helping you with household assistance and day-to-day tasks including cleaning, cooking, chauffeuring or shopping is on us.

Medication support

Our elderly care services also entail prescription pickups, health checkups & timely medication assistance for healthy living.


Helping you with complete transportation and mobility assistance to take you to routine health checks or social gatherings

Meal prep

Cooking meals that are in adherence with your diet recommendations and personal preferences is our responsibility.

Pet care

Along with personal care of the elderly, our care workers will also assist in taking care of your pets, their walks and feeding.

Continence support

We offer end-of-life care and self-sustainable continence support to clean up after the elderly and take complete care of their well-being.

Help into/out of bed

Our empathetic professionals understand what it feels like for an elderly who needs a hand with basic functions.

Helping the elderly with a peaceful life and timely assistance is what our efforts are driven towards.

Everybody deserves a fair shot at living life on their terms, no matter their age, or physical or mental ailments.

Supporting the elderly with their basic life support and mobility assistance for them to lead a care-free life and self-sustained living through the timely assistance of our elderly care in London. We are here to help them lead a respectful life with dignity by being compassionate towards their wants and needs.

Who benefits from elderly care?

Curating seamless experiences that are person-centric.

Many elderly and vulnerable people tend to drift towards an isolated life. Improving the overall physical and mental well-being of the elderly as they age and presenting them with a better quality of life throughout is what we strive endlessly for. Offering them personal care assistance, helping them lead a stress-free life, and keeping them company through companionship is what we bring out with our elderly care services in London.

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Elderly care in London

Elderly care in London

How can we help?

Here are just a few of the typical activities our care givers can help with:
  • walking the dog
  • going to collect pension or visiting the bank
  • shopping for food, clothes, or other items
  • going to leisure activities
  • enjoying a chat over a cup of tea
  • company while doing crafts or hobbies
  • going to a day service
  • visiting a community centre
  • using public transport
  • help to get to doctor, dental and hospital appointments
  • helping with exercises
  • using a mobile phone, TV remote control or computer
  • paying bills and understanding financial documents
  • getting funding advice with claiming benefits

No more isolation or drifting away. We'll hold your hand throughout with the best elderly care services in London.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might have a lot of questions before entrusting us with the responsibility of elderly care. Read on to get your questions answered.

Do you take care of seniors with mental health complications?

We offer live-in home care assistance and companionship services to help the elderly who are suffering from mental illness. Total Caring has licensed GNs, LPNs, therapists, and counselors who will take end-to-end care of them.

How much will I be charged?

We offer personalized service plans according to your requirements. But we remain one of the most accessible and affordable care agencies in London.

Are personal care and companionship different?

Yes, while personal care professionals focus on physical hygiene and general well-being by taking care of vital routines like cleaning, cooking, bathing, and feeding, companionship revolves around keeping the elderly a social company.

Do you take care of health checkups and medications?

Yes, we have general nurses and licensed practical nurses who can take care of the complete physical well-being and betterment of the individuals.


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