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The most reliable companionship services in London

Helping your loved ones with emotional and social support to lead an independent and fulfilling life is what we are all about.

Loneliness and isolation  can result in serious mental and physical health ailments. According to a survey by New Hampshire University, Prolonged Social Isolation and Loneliness are Equivalent to Smoking 15 Cigarettes A Day, and even more dangerous than obesity

Our licensed care workers will help you with frequent visits, indulge in the hobbies or things that interest you, and give you a lasting company that your loved one most likely needs to keep themselves active. Our companionship services in London are more than just a visit from a friendly face. We’ll instead focus on developing a lasting relationship with you and drop by at the time frequency of your choice and liking.

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Companionship in London

Lifting the spirits of the elderly with impeccable companionship care.

A reliable and friendly companion to share mutual interests with.

Befriending Service

A befriending carer will help stimulate conversations and offer emotional and moral support to create a lasting bond. Be it a telephonic relationship or in-person visits where you can converse over a cup of tea, we'll help keep you company throughout.

Pursuing Hobbies

Hobbies help regain the sense of self esteem and also in keep your loved ones occupied . This will also prevent them from leading monotonous routines which can have an impact in their emotional and mental well-being.

Chaperoning Services

Social interactions are the main source of happiness for the elderly and they become extremely dependent on making social conversations to keep them occupied as they age. Our care agency providers will chauffeur you to places of your choice.

Outstanding care. Empathetic care takers. Licensed services.

Companionship services that offer little bit of social support to help you have pleasant stress-free days ahead.

We understand that you might feel the need for a break while attending to your loved ones in your household because of the busy day-to-day schedule that you might have. But we’ll support you with having a life of your own while still caring for your loved ones. Our companions will take care of their social needs so they spend their happiest times with you whenever you’re available. Total Caring will keep them company and take care of the social and care needs.

Best companionship in London

Matching you with the best companionship in London!

Reliable care takers who are trust-worthy!

Our carers have been experienced in this niche for years now and are genuinely interested in keeping up the spirits of the elderly. They’re all carefully vetted and are picked for their empathy, companionship and friendship so they can cater to you in the right way.

  • Indulging in hobbies and leisure activities
  • A hand with household tasks
  • Running errands for you
  • Attending Social Events
  • Chat and companionship

What do our companionship services entail?

Our companionship care can improve the wellbeing of your loved ones

Be it having someone to share your interests with or develop a bonding, or even a personal chaperone who can take you to social events, holidays, or even sightsee pretty landscapes, our companionship services in London might just be the game-changer for you.

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Companionship in London

How can our companionship services in London help?

The typical activities that a personal companion will do for you or your loved ones involves the following:
  • Walking the dog/ caring for your pet
  • Helping with post office or bank visits
  • Shopping trips
  • Indulging in social activities and hobbies
  • enjoying a chat over a cup of tea
  • Encouraging art and other activities
  • Frequent in-person visits
  • Community center or other social gatherings
  • Chaperoning through public or private transport
  • Reassuring company for hospital visits and checkups
  • Instructing exercises as your health demands
  • Assistance with computers or mobile phones
  • Taking care of finances as you require
  • Assistance with other technicalities

There is much more to life than isolation and loneliness. Our companion carers will help you see it all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that this might be a crucial decision for you. Total Caring professionals will handhold you every step along the way to make it all much easier.

What is companionship care?

Companionship refers to the social, emotional, and physical support that a licensed caretaker offers and keeps company with the elderly. This will make them have a more positive outlook on life and also let them feel independent along the way.

How are companionship and personal care different?

While personal care deals with functional activities for physical support like bathing, cooking a meal, medication reminders, cleaning, etc, companionship rather focuses on keeping them actively engaged through conversations, social participation, and chaperoning to nearby gatherings, events, or even shopping trips.

Is this a live-in care service?

The frequency and time period of our visits depend on the needs of the elderly. Our services will be specifically curated and personalised according to the individual in question. Be it a visit for an evening tea or spending days in a row on a holiday trip, we’ll curate our care services according to what you exactly require.

How are the charges?

We offer the most reasonable packages in the area since we understand how crucial it might be for you.

How long have you been offering these services?

Total Caring has sufficient experience in the area and our managers have been doing this for over a decade now. We understand what matters in helping the elderly form an affinity towards life and will strive towards helping them lead a life that is easier each day.

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