Checklist for elderly care

Checklist for elderly care

Checklist for elderly care – A guide to help you take care of your elderly loved one

Seeing your parents or loved ones grow old and lose the ability to live independently may be one of the hardest things, and you may feel at a loss for how you can take care of them. Without a proper checklist for elderly care, it may be extremely difficult for you to plan or arrange ideal care options for your loved one. If you don’t know how to create one, we will help you out.

Although long-term care for the elderly comes with several moving parts, you can figure everything out efficiently using an elderly care checklist. To make one, you need to consider factors such as:

  • Finances
  • Living situation
  • Medical care
  • Legal matters
  • Safety

Let’s talk about each of these aspects in detail so that you get a comprehensive idea of how to approach the checklist.

Breaking down the checklist for elderly care

Taking care of elderly parents or loved ones can feel overwhelming at first, especially since you have your own life and responsibilities to take care of. That is why a good checklist for elderly care aims to make things easier for you. Let’s talk about each critical aspect of the elderly care checklist.

1. Finances

The first and most important aspect of an elderly care checklist is financed. Your parent’s financial situation will have a significant impact on the level of care they can afford. It will also determine the type of medical care and other assistance your loved one can receive. That is why you need to have a clear idea of their finances including current income and savings. Make sure to look into their:

  • Social security payments
  • Resources such as veteran benefits and supplemental security income
  • Retirement plans and insurance payments

elderly care checklistIf your loved one does not have the necessary financial means, you may have to bear the expenses associated with their care. Thankfully, you may be eligible for tax breaks. Find out what kind of tax breaks are available for healthcare costs such as for things like hiring elderly care services, buying a wheelchair, paying hospital bills, and so on.

2. Living situation

Another important aspect of the checklist for elderly care is sorting out the living situation of your loved one. If your aging loved one needs support with basic, everyday tasks, they may need hourly or round-the-clock care. In that case, you may try the following housing or care options:

You can move into your parent’s house:

Moving into your parents’ house may be the ideal option for you if you are in charge of managing their care. It will not only allow you to be close to your loved ones and keep an eye on them, but it will also make it possible for you to oversee their care and train the caregivers.

You may place your parents in a care home:

Although it may not seem like an ideal option, placing your parents in a senior care home or an assisted living facility may be your only choice in some cases. Once your loved one moves into such a facility, they will be taken care of by trained staff and caregivers. While you will be able to visit them regularly, you won’t be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day of their care.

You may get in-home care for them:

When making a checklist for taking care of elderly parents, you must consider this option as it is the most ideal one for aging individuals. Hiring in-home caregivers allow your parents to live in the comfort of their familiar surroundings while receiving the care and support they need. You can find several home care agencies throughout the UK that offer hourly and round-the-clock elderly care services.

3. Medical care

Number three in our checklist for elder care is the aspect of medical care. When taking care of your elderly loved ones, you need to fully understand their healthcare needs. Even if your parents don’t have any severe medical conditions, they might need medical care every now and then. You should also have full knowledge of their medical history.

checklist for elder care


You can talk to your parents about their medical needs and connect to their general physician to get an idea about the state of their health. If your parents do not have a regular physician, you may find one for them. Get to know about the medicines they take every day, and ensure that they are taking these medications on time as prescribed by the doctor.

4. Legal matters

When overseeing the care of your elderly parents, you need to take care of some legal aspects too.

You need to think about things like:
  • Being the power of attorney for them
  • Becoming an authorized user on their accounts
  • Helping them draft a will (if they have not made one already)
You should also have access to important legal documents such as:
  • Social security cards and birth certificates
  • Property deeds or deeds to cemetery plots
  • Documents related to insurance policies
  • Papers related to employee benefits or pensions

While you may be able to handle these on your own, you may also seek legal counsel in dire situations.

5. Safety

The final aspect of the elderly care checklist is the aspect of safety. Ensuring your elderly parents’ safety should be your topmost priority. In that regard, you should make sure that their living space is clean, tidy, and well-lit to avoid trips and falls. If they are unable to drive, you should either drive them to where they need to go or arrange for them to be driven there. It is helpful to have an escort with your parents when they go out to ensure that they are safe.

These are the most important aspects of an elderly care checklist. If you need help with any of these aspects, you can seek elderly care in London.

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