What is reablement care?

reablement care

What is reablement care and how to choose the best reablement care services?

Wondering what reablement care is and when it is needed? Simply put, reablement care refers to short-term care that is provided at home to individuals who are recovering from an illness or injury. If you or your loved one is recovering from a surgery, illness, or injury or if they have been recently released from the hospital, they would need help taking care of themselves or doing things around the house. That is when reablement care comes into the picture.

If you are looking for reablement support at home, there are a few important things you need to know about reablement care and everything it entails.

Reablement care – a brief overview

As we have already mentioned, reablement care is a type of short-term home care that is offered to individuals who are recovering from an illness, injury, or operation after being discharged from the hospital. The goal of reablement care is to help such individuals take care of themselves so that they can recover faster. Such care may also be called post-discharge or post-operative care depending on the specific circumstances. Although reablement care tends to be for the short-term, this type of care is usually offered for however long it takes for the individual to recover and get back on their feet fully.

Reablement care services may help you with all the activities of daily life such as eating, washing, and dressing. Sometimes, reablement care also involves helping with chores around the house such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and so on. In special circumstances, reablement care comes with additional healthcare support in the form of

  • Nursing care
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy

What is a reablement careBefore the introduction of reablement care, people who sought care after being discharged from the hospital needed to go for domiciliary care or get themselves admitted to a care home for ongoing support. However, such forms of care have become less common now due to the scarcity of public sector funding. Reablement care, on the other hand, is more focused and more intense, and it is offered in the comfort of your home.

When is reablement care necessary?

If you are wondering if your loved one is eligible for reablement care, you need to consider a few things. Firstly, do your requirements fit the idea and goal of reablement care? Do you need care for the short-term or long-term? Are there other forms of home care that would be more ideal? Answering these questions should help you figure out whether you need reablement care. If you are still confused, here are a few instances when reablement care becomes necessary:

1. After leaving the hospital

If you or a loved one has recently been released from the hospital after an operation or illness, you need to rest and recuperate for a few days or weeks depending on the severity of your condition. Instead of relying on family members, you can hire reablement care services to help you with daily tasks. With this form of care at home, you should recover fast and get back to good health.

In some cases, hospital staff may arrange home care for you before you leave the hospital. However, you would need to speak to the person in charge (such as the discharge coordinator) to get their assistance as they will not get involved after you leave the hospital. You can also contact social services after discharge if reablement care has not been arranged.

2. After an injury or illness

In some cases, reablement care can help you avoid going to the hospital by offering you care at home. For instance, if you are suffering from a short-term illness or if you have had a small injury that requires you to rest for a few days, hiring reablement care is the perfect solution.

You can contact your GP or social services to ask for guidance in the matter, and they might be able to arrange reablement care.

3. If you need help with everyday tasks

If you are struggling to perform everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, eating, and washing up due to injury or illness, reablement care can offer you the support and assistance you need. You can contact the social services at your council to ask for a needs assessment. They will identify the type of care you need, and they may suggest and arrange reablement care.

Reablement care is ideal for a range of scenarios. If your situation calls for short-term care at home, you can consider this form of care.

How to choose reablement care services in the UK?

If you are looking for reablement support in London, chances are you will find a number of organizations that offer this service. However, when it is about your health and wellbeing, you need to choose a service provider that is known for offering quality care. Here are a few tips that should help you choose:

1. Check their reputation and credibility

Before you hire someone to come to your home to offer healthcare support, you need to make sure they are credible and trustworthy. Remember to run a background check on the reablement service before hiring caregivers from them. The least you can do is check online for reviews and testimonials.

reablement support2. Consider reablement care cost

Reablement care costs can vary widely depending on where you are based in the UK. The specific charges can also differ from one service provider to another. You may have to pay for it out of pocket if you hire caregivers from a private organization. However, you can also talk to your insurance provider, local council, or social service provider to see if you are eligible for funding.

3. Alliances and associations

Sometimes reablement services have tie-ups with reputed hospitals in the area. That means they offer caregivers to those hospitals. Such alliances can tell you about a service provider’s reputation and credibility.

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