How much does end of life care cost in 2022?

end of life care cost in 2022

A brief guide on end of life care costs in London(UK)

If you or an elderly loved one is approaching the end of life, there are several care options available to make that final transition smooth. Those who are at this stage of life need high-quality care and support even with the basics to live out the rest of their days in relative comfort. End of life care cost varies from one care option to another based on your location. That means where you live and which care option you choose will determine how much you will have to pay.

Here, we are going to delve into the different options as well as the end of life care cost in 2022.

Types of care that can determine end of life care cost

The primary goal of end of life care is to help ailing or elderly individuals be as comfortable as possible until the end so that they can die with dignity. Those who provide this type of care usually ask about their client’s preferences and wishes and take them into account when planning their care. Individuals can also express where they would like to receive the care and where they would prefer to die. One can receive end of life care:

  • At home
  • In a care home
  • In a hospice
  • In a hospital

The type of care and the cost of end of life care can vary dramatically based on which option you choose. Here’s what each care option means and what they entail:

End of life care at home

If you or a loved one would like to live out the rest of their days in the comfort of their own home, they can do so with the help of in-home care services. These care services assign professional and trained caregivers to individuals who are in need of end of life care. These caregivers come to your home every day or as per a pre-determined schedule to offer support and care. You can hire caregivers every day or any time of the week during the day or night. However, the end of life care price tends to be fairly high for those who receive care during weekends or at night.

End of life care in a care home

Care homes are like assisted living facilities that have trained staff including nurses and caregivers present at all times. To receive end of life care at a care home, you would have to move to that facility and live there so that the professionally trained staff at the facility can look after your day and night. Although your loved ones won’t be staying with you at the facility, they would be allowed to visit every day or as per their schedule. End of life care cost in a care home depends on the level of care needed. However, the charges for single individuals typically start from £1,460 per week, and for couples, the charges can start from £1,700 per week.

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End of life care in a hospice

Hospice care refers to a form of health care that mainly focuses on reducing the pain and suffering of a terminally ill person at the end of their life. Hospice care is typically provided at a hospice facility. However, you can also receive hospice care at home or as a day patient at a hospice facility. This type of care requires a specialist unit that is typically run by doctors, nurses, counselors, social workers, and trained volunteers. Hospice care providers aim to maximize comfort by reducing pain and addressing psychological, physical, spiritual, and social needs. Although the cost of end of life care services offered at hospices varies widely. In the UK, inpatient hospice facilities charge an average of £550 per person.

End of life care in a hospital

You can receive end of life care at a hospital. Many hospitals around the UK have specialist end of life care teams. Composed of trained caregivers, these palliative care teams work alongside doctors, nurses, and other social and healthcare professionals in a hospital. The cost of end of life care in hospitals tends to be far higher than home care cost. In fact, it is the most expensive of all the options mentioned above. Studies show that end of life care at hospitals can be more than £4,500 per person.

NHS continuing healthcare

If you want to live out the rest of your days in the familiarity and comfort of your own home, home care would be the best option for you. To receive the highest quality of end of life care at home, you can first get assessed for NHS continuing healthcare, which is a package of care for elderly adults funded and arranged by the NHS. NHS continuing healthcare is available for people who have specific health and care needs. The best part is that it is absolutely free, which is why it is sometimes called “fully funded NHS care”.

These are some of the most common end of life care options available and the approximate charges for each option. Remember that these charges can vary from person to person and their exact location.

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