What is live in care?

live in care

What is live in care and why should you choose it?

Wondering which care option would be best for your elderly or ailing loved one, who needs round-the-clock care? If you do not like the idea of sending them to a nursing home or an assisted living facility, the ideal option for you would be live in care, it allows your loved ones to get the help and support they need in the comfort of their own home. Besides being thoughtful, this is practical and cost-effective.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, you must have several questions about what is live-in care and how it works. Here, we will go over some of the most crucial details regarding live in home care.

A brief overview of live in care

As the name suggests, live in care refers to the form of care where professionally trained caregivers live in your home to offer round-the-clock care. It is ideal for elderly and ailing individuals who need care and support throughout the day. Although domiciliary care also offers support at home, it primarily consists of visits once or twice a day for a few hours. This form of care may not be suitable or sufficient for someone who is bedridden or someone who needs help with simple daily tasks such as eating and washing up.

Live in care services offer elderly and ailing individuals the comfort and freedom of being in familiar surroundings, and it also allows them to have a relatively normal life where they have cared for 24/7.

Reasons for choosing live in care over other care options

There are several reasons for choosing live-in care over other available care options, and these reasons vary from person to person based on their specific circumstances. In most cases, people go for live-in home care because it allows them to retain their independence and live at home just how they always have.

Elderly and ailing individuals end up having to compromise a lot, but caregivers make it possible for them to hold on to their comfortable routines. Here are a few significant reasons:

Personalized care:

With live in care, your loved one gets highly personalized care that is carefully planned out to suit their specific needs. For instance, if your loved one is bedridden and unable to perform the simplest tasks of daily life, the caregiver will help with all of that. Such extensive support typically includes managing incontinence issues, helping with general hygiene and washing, feeding, dressing, and much more.

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No matter how personal or complex an individual’s needs are, caregivers are trained to meet them with the utmost care and professionalism. The best part about live-in care is that you have support available 24/7, which is a huge help for those who need full-time care.

Practical help:

A live-in caregiver not only looks after your loved one’s personal needs, but also performs various everyday tasks around the house such as cleaning, cooking, washing, shopping, and so on. Good and compassionate live-in caregivers treat your loved ones as their own. They prepare balanced and nutritious meals for them, and they ensure that your loved one is fed and cleaned properly.

In special circumstances, the live-in caregiver may also agree to look after your loved one’s pets so that they can continue to enjoy their company instead of having to give them up. In such cases, make sure to talk to the care agency beforehand to see if they would accommodate this extra work.

Familiar surroundings:

Losing freedom and the ability to perform simple tasks of daily life is one of the most challenging parts of growing old. The same applies to someone who is suffering from a chronic illness. For people in such situations, being able to stay at home may be the biggest source of comfort. That is why live in care is ideal for them as it offers a sense of safety and familiarity.

If your loved one is suffering from a degenerative disease such as dementia, caregivers might be the best option for them. People with dementia often react negatively to changes in their environment and surroundings. Keeping them home and getting them specialized in-home care may be the best decision you can make.

Peace of mind and overall wellbeing:

Being able to stay in the comfort and familiarity of one’s own home has some undeniable benefits. Not only does live-in care allow your loved ones to keep up their hobbies and maintain their social connections, but it also reduces the risk of them being housebound, which often happens to people in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. It is also known to prevent mental health problems and improve a person’s overall wellbeing.

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Apart from that, live-in care also offers you the peace of mind of knowing that your elderly or ailing loved one is safe and well taken care of.

These are some of the most compelling reasons for choosing live-in care over other popular care options.

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  • Personal care and specialized medical care
  • Companionship and support
  • Nutritional and dietary needs
  • Housekeeping and various other everyday domestic tasks

At Total Caring, you will also find live in care services at some of the most affordable rates. The exact cost of live-in care depends on the level of care an individual needs and how many days a month they need the services. Typically, caregivers provide their services on a four-week on and one-week off basis. However, if you need someone to fill their position in the interim, Total Caring would arrange for that as well.

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